We are delighted to announce The #GreatOralHealthGiveback Webinar Programme

Over the course of the next few months we will be bringing you a fantastic line up of leading dental professionals who will be sharing their considerable knowledge and experience over a range of diverse subjects.


All webinars will be held on Fridays at 4pm and Tuesdays at 10am and our line up and registration details until the end of June can be found here:



Day Date Time Speaker Organisation Topic webinar zoom link
Tue 19th May 10am Fiona Sandom All Wales Faculty Dental Care Professionals (AWFDCP) Skill Mix & Role Substitution click here
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  • The presentation will provide an insight to the broad picture of skill mix and role substitution and inturn encourage and motivate members of the dental team to look at their full scope of practice and their potential.
Fri 22nd May 4pm Juliette Reeves British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy (BSDHT) Nutritional Influences in Chronic Inflammation click here
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  • This presentaion will identify nutrition and lifestyle factors implicated in modulating local and systemic inflammatory immune responses with relevance to periodontal diseases and oral health.
Tue 26th May 10am Helen Minnery British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy (BSDHT) Peri-Implantitis click here
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  • This presentation will seek to demonstrate the importance of the wider dental team being involved in the patient’s implant journey. It will consider the relevance of being part of the planning process, the treatment process and the continued maintenance programme, all of which lead to better outcomes for the patient.
Fri 29th May 4pm James Goolnik Bow Lane Dental Kicking Sugar click here
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  • Kicking Sugar – This presentation intends to raise awareness about sugars in general and sugars in our daily diet. It will look to how we can help people with their daily diets and ways of kicking sugar, whilst discussing why sugar is addictive and the broader impact of sugar on general health.
Tue 2nd June 10am Ben Atkins President, Oral Health Foundation Homelessness & Oral Health click here
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  • This presentation will create greater awareness of homelessness and the challenges met in trying to access the services most needed. It will also take a closer look at how this unfolds in general practice, asking if we could all do this..
Fri 5th June 4pm Maria Morgan Cardiff University Sports Drinks Consumption click here
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  • This presentation will look at the rise in popularity of sports drinks over the last decade and links to the consumption of those consumed by athletes, but also, worryingly, by adolescents. It will look back at the rise of numerous brands of sports drinks given that once over Lucozade dominated the market. It will also look at why these drinks are preferred  and if their consumption is directly linked to sporting purposes. What has become apparent through the work Maria has undertaken is that a high proportion of 12-14 year olds are consuming sports drinks, there is  increased incidence of obesity, tooth erosion – we need to do more.
Tue 9th June 10am Emma Riley Society of British Dental Nurses (SBDN) The Need for SLS free Toothpaste click here
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  • The presentation intends to shed light on the importance of recognising why some patient groups have a need for SLS free toothpaste and the challenges they face if these are not freely available. These patients are more likely to have co-morbidities and complex needs and it is important that despite this their oral health need are addressed.
Fri 12th June 4pm Sofia Drivas E-cigarettes click here
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  • This presentation will bring greater understanding of E-cigarettes and heat not burn devices. It will consider the negative effects on oral health and the need to rethink these actions.
Tue 16th June 10am Annette Matthews British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy (BSDHT) Healthy Skin Healthy Smile click here
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  • This presentation will create a link between a healthy smile and healthy skin. It will embrace the notion of self-care and positive thinking and encourage individuals to be more skin aware. The presentation will take a snap shot view of facial aesthetics.
Fri 19th June 4pm Kerry Lancaster Orthodontic Technician Association PAR Scoring – Measuring Orthodontic Treatment Outcomes click here
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  • This presentation will provide an introduction and a refresher to PAR scoring, the five areas of assessment will be reviewed as part of establishing the delegates experience of PAR scoring.
Tue 23rd June 10am Chris Forrest British Association of Dental Therapists Direct Access click here
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  • The presentation will consider Direct Access and the requirements necessary when carrying out direct access. It will consider the importance of multidisciplinary teams, the barriers affecting direct access and the difference that direct access can have to patient care and outcomes.
Fri 26th June 4pm Darren Ware Orthodontic Technician Association 3D Printing for Beginners click here
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  • In this presentation Darren will share is knowledge and expertise in 3D printers and how this is now an important feature of dental technology and the work of the dental technician. It will provide an understanding of the digital workflow and address some of the challenges. This is aimed at the beginner but is also a useful refresher.
Tue 30th June 10am Keysha Binns The Gum Chums Introducing Oral Health at an early age click here
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  • This presentation intends to inspire those in and outside the profession to look at the same desired outcomes through different lenses. You will be introduced to the characters and how Keysha aims to encourage young children to engage with oral and dental health and help parents and carers to engage more.
Thu 26th November 7pm Juliette Reeves Protecting the Oral Microbiome click here
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  • We are delighted to welcome Juliette Reeves to present the first in a new series of Dent-O-Care Professional webinars – ‘Protecting the Oral Microbiome’ this Thursday 26th November at 7pm. This webinar is sponsored by Gengigel.It is now well established that the oral microbiome plays a critical role in the health status of not only the oral cavity but other body sites away from the mouth. A transition from a healthy oral microbiome to a pathogenic microbiome causes an imbalance of oral homeostasis known as dysbiosis, which is an important concept to understand most oral diseases.In this presentation, Juliette will explore the current knowledge surrounding the function that oral microbes play in health and disease and how maintaining a healthy and varied microbiome supports both oral and systemic health.After this presentation you will be able to:

    • Understand the role the oral microbiome plays in health and disease.
    • Be aware of the factors that contribute to dysbiosis and inflammatory diseases.
    • Incorporate treatments that protect and support a healthy microbiome.