What is Interprox?

Interprox is a brand of interproximal brushes designed to remove oral biofilm from interdental spaces. The range includes the Interprox Plus and Interprox.

Interprox Plus features an angled head which facilitates access to the back of the mouth whilst the Interprox brushes feature a flexible body which is free of memory effect. Both ranges adapt to all spaces and are designed with cylindrical and conical heads. The cylindrical heads are recommended for cleaning in the anterior area, whereas the conical ones are recommended for cleaning between molars and premolars.

Notably, the Interprox range uses high quality Tynex filaments which are black and white to detect bacterial plaque and bleeding respectively. These are twisted around a plastic coated wire which protects gums and prevents sensitivity caused by galvanism. Thus, Interprox does not damage implants or irritate sensitive areas.

In addition, the Interprox range has an anti-slip groove for better precision and comfort during brushing, as well as a protective cap which protects filaments to ensure optimal hygiene by keeping the filaments clean after use.

Lastly, the range is completed with the Interprox Gel which has a unique composition preventing gingival inflammation, bleeding and the formation of caries.

Interprox Website

Visit our Interprox Website for further information on the product range available.