When patients move to dentures it can take a little while getting used to them and can feel a little strange. Patients are likely to feel less confident and may struggle with eating, drinking or even talking.

When patients begin to talk with their new dentures, they will notice a change in the sound of their voice or have trouble with denture movement. It is advised to speak slowly to avoid movements that raise the lower dentures, as well as practicing reading aloud which will help your patients’ tongue get used to their dentures.

Eating may be difficult and less enjoyable at first. Thus patients should begin by eating food which is easy to chew like eggs, fish, chopped meat or cooked vegetables and take small bites. Patients should use a denture adhesive to keep dentures in place and make it easier to eat with confidence.

That’s why you should recommend SECURE. SECURE Denture Adhesive helps your patients feel confident in their dentures by holding them securely in place. Patients will be able to eat, drink and talk without worry and begin to enjoy life again without limitations. Their dentures will be so secure that they will forget they’re wearing them!

Why use SECURE?

The SECURE Denture Adhesive Cream is a healthy alternative to other denture products because:

  • Average 12 hour hold*
  • Zinc and taste free
  • Suitable for both Upper & Lower dentures
  • Ideal for patients suffering from dry mouth
  • It’s economical, only one application is required per day
  • It’s a non-water soluble bond (Stays SECURE even when eating and drinking)

* Results show that 60% of SECURE users stated that they had a safe bonding for more than 8 hours, in comparison with 18% of the users of other brands. Of these using SECURE 35% had a safe bonding lasting of 8-12 hours whilst 25% had a safe bonding lasting for more than 12 hours.

Customer Feedback

3 out of 4 people who try SECURE, stay with SECURE!

  • “It makes me forget I have them”
  • “Improved my life immensely”
  • “I no longer have to worry”
  • “It’s all in the name SECURE”

Clinically proven to be the most effective denture retention solution available.