Tooth decay (caries) has a prevalence of 92-94% in the adult population over 35 years of age. Caries is an infectious disease of microbial origin located in the dental hard tissues. Certain bacteria in the oral cavity (Streptococcus mutans, etc.) ferment dietary carbohydrates, transforming these into acids (mainly lactic acid) thereby causing the pH of the oral cavity to drop.

When pH drops below 5.5, hydroxyapatite crystals in the enamel begin to dissolve, resulting in enamel demineralisation. Enamel can also be weakened by erosion caused by acidic foods and beverages, which promotes the cariogenic process by oral bacteria.

This process occurs on the tooth and is part of a dynamic balance between demineralisation and remineralisation. Eating promotes remineralisation of the enamel due to saliva’s buffering effect. This is because it is rich in bicarbonates, phosphates and proteins, which neutralise the drop in pH and cause dissolved calcium and phosphate ions to precipitate again on the enamel surface, forming new hydroxyapatite crystals.

Fluoride, which is also present in saliva at very low concentrations, plays a fundamental role in remineralisation, and when it combines with hydroxyapatite crystals it forms fluorapatite, increasing the hardness of enamel and its resistance to acids. This means that if the many factors involved in the onset of caries can be controlled, it may be possible to prevent the progression of the disease and even reverse it in the early stages. Thus the VITIS anticaries range has been designed to prevent the onset of caries and protect against dental erosion.

Why Use VITIS Anti-Caries?

Caries or tooth decay is a form of infection in which specific bacteria accumulate on the enamel surface, where they produce acid products that demineralise the surface and cause decay. Once the enamel has been penetrated, the process spreads to more internal parts of the tooth, through the dentin and toward the pulp. If this process is not stopped, the teeth can be completely destroyed.

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