Dent-O-Care is proud of its heritage and foundations and would like to share with you a timeline of our important milestones…..

1990 Establish in response to demand from Harley Street dentists who were looking to source specialist oral health products to enable them to help their patients maintain good oral health at home. The start point was the launch of the first range of interdental brushes commercially available in the UK. Dent-O-Care’s 600 series interdental brushes are still going strong with an exceptional loyal customer base.
1993 Strengthing the companies special needs offer Dent-O-Care takes over the UK distribution of the Dr. Barman Superbrush, a triple headed toothbrush that simultaneously cleans all surfaces of the tooth.
1995 Secure denture adhesive is introduced to the range, providing superior retention for troublesome dentures.
2007 Current Managing Director Adam Keller joins Dent-O-Care to take the business into a new era of innovation and growth.
2009 The next generation Interprox plus range of interdental brushes is launched into the UK, heralding a marked improvement in usability, durability and value.
2010 The launch of, a consumer website providing same day dispatch of 1,000+ oral hygiene products
2011 Marked the launch of VITIS Orthodontic, a specialist range of oral health products for brace wearers. Within 3 years this would become the marketing leading range for specialist orthodontic practices.
2012 Adam Keller completes a management buyout of the business, ensuring further investment and an exciting future for the business.
2013 Acquired our first corporate customers in the form of Dentalign and Total Orthodontic groups, who today form part of the Bupa group and continue to be a highly valued customer.
2014 Begin working with MyDentist (formerly IDH) who now have in excess of 650 UK practices and continue to be strong advocates of Dent-O-Care’s philosophy and approach to oral care provision.
2015 Dent-O-Care employs its 15th staff member. Here at Dent-O-Care we employ everyone from apprentices to senior managers and are strong believers of career progression.
2016 Due to the continued growth of the business Dent-O-Care expands its warehouse operations doubling capacity
2017 Dent-O-Care becomes the UK distributor for Gengigel and begins to venture into the retail landscape with Boots, Tesco and Alliance Healthcare.
2018 The benefits of Gengigel extended beyond the home with the much anticipated launch of Gengigel Spray
2019 January sees the launch of Gengigel First Aid, a treatment strength oral fluid for pain relief and expedited post-surgical healing