Teeth whitening has become a popular trend within the dental industry, this is because tooth discoloration can impact a person’s smile and confidence.

A tooth that is in good condition is somewhere between white and yellowish. Teeth get their colour from the dentin, which is much more opaque than the enamel. A tooth’s translucency or opacity depends on the composition of the enamel. Also, teeth whose enamel is thicker will be less translucent and brighter.

The enamel surface is also important in defining the colour of teeth, because if a tooth is smooth and shaped normally, it will be brighter, while if the surface has irregularities it will be duller and darker, since the reflection of light loses its intensity when it hits the enamel surface.

VITIS Whitening has revolutionised at-home tooth whitening, because it restores the natural white colour of teeth while it prevents the most undesired effect (dental sensitivity).

When to recommend VITIS Whitening?

  • After in-clinic whitening treatment to lengthen and strengthen the whitening effect obtained during treatment.
  • After a professional dental prophylaxis to keep teeth clean and free of stains.
  • As part of a daily-use regime to protect enamel and prevent dental sensitivity.

Why Use VITIS Whitening?

VITIS Whitening is the only combined-action whitening formula that effectively removes extrinsic stains from the teeth while protecting them from tooth sensitivity.

  • Extremely low abrasion (RDA 48)
  • Highly effective stain removal after 10 days of use*
  • Polish restores natural shine
  • Prevents the formation of calculus
  • Remineralises tooth enamel preventing the onset of caries
  • Eliminates tooth sensitivity
  • Forms a protective layer resistant to acid attack
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Hinders the formation of bacterial plaque
  • Alcohol free

*Dentist-controlled clinical efficacy study. Barcelona, 2012.

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