Oral hygiene is an essential component when maintaining our health. During our lives it is important to take care of our mouths throughout every stage, because without it we are at risk of many different diseases.

Maintaining adequate daily oral hygiene will prevent and control gingivitis, since the biofilm is a critical factor in its manifestation. Bacteria in biofilms are more resistant because they are protected by the matrix in which they are embedded as well as their more resistant phenotypic expression. Once a biofilm has developed, it must be removed by way of physical or chemical means.

Thus, tooth brushing plays an important role in disrupting and efficiently removing the oral biofilm which causes gingival inflammation. Brushing breaks up the oral biofilm matrix, guaranteeing better results for antimicrobial agents.

Dentists recommend changing toothbrushes every 3 months or when the bristles become worn. A toothbrush that is worn does not properly remove oral biofilm and can also harm gums. When deciding upon a toothbrush it is advised to look at the brush head size, alongside the texture of the filaments, whether medium or soft. This will ensure the toothbrush selected is best adapted to the tooth anatomy without being abrasive.

Why Use VITIS Toothbrushes?

The toothbrush is the basis of daily oral hygiene, as it is an essential method for the removal of oral biofilm, the main aetiological agent for the most common oral diseases, including caries, gum disease, halitosis, etc.

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