Dr. Barman’s is a patented 3 headed toothbrush which has been designed to make it easier for children to brush their teeth using short, gentle scrubbing strokes. The 3 headed toothbrush provides effective cleaning on all surfaces of the teeth simultaneously.

It has soft outer bristles to gently clean along the gum margin while the inner bristles clean and polish the tooth surface. Dr. Barman’s helps eliminate the build-up of plaque, improves gum health and is ideal for patients with limited dexterity as well as orthodontic patients.

Clinically proven effectiveness

  • Removes significantly more plaque than a conventional and electric toothbrush1
  • Superior to conventional toothbrushes and simplifies oral hygiene for pre-school children2
  • Reduces bleeding/gum infection better than conventional toothbrushes3
  • Significantly more effective than the other toothbrushes in improving the gingival health of orthodontic fixed appliance patients4


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