Interproximal brushes are the best tools for removing biofilm from interdental spaces. Their use along with normal brushing reduces plaque and gingival indices.

A toothbrush only cleans 60% of tooth surfaces; the remaining 40% corresponds to the interproximal area. Interproximal hygiene is necessary in order to remove biofilm that accumulates in this area. Its removal is essential to prevent the development of diseases that its accumulation can potentially cause. However, interproximal cleaning is not always performed as it ought to be, due to the difficulty involved in using such products properly.

To solve this problem, DENTAID is launching a new generation of Interprox® brushes, whose main improvement is its ease and comfort of use and its ability to access all interdental spaces.

It is important to select the right size for each interproximal space. The brush must fit into the space snugly so that the filaments and not the wire are what come in contact with teeth. In contrast, if too small of a size is chosen and the brush fits too loosely within the space, it will not be able to properly sweep out biofilm or food debris, as there will be a lack of friction with the proximal sides of the teeth.

At times it may be necessary to use antiseptics in the interproximal area. Under these circumstances, it may be recommendable to use Interprox gel containing CPC (daily use antiseptic), designed to be applied to Interprox brushes for insertion into the interproximal spaces. The combined use of Interprox brushes and Interprox gel has been proven to improve gingival and periodontal indices.

For areas in which the use of interproximal brushes is not possible due to limited interproximal space, DENTAID offers the VITIS dental floss and tape product range, as well as Waterpik oral irrigators for persons who require extra cleaning power.

Why use the Interprox range?

  • Filaments: Made of Tynex. They are black and white to detect bacterial plaque and bleeding respectively.
  • Comfort and Precision: Anti-slip groove for better precision and comfort during brushing.
  • Angled head: For easier access to the spaces in the back of the mouth.
  • Quality: Plastic coated wire for protecting teeth and gums. Does not damage implants or irritate sensitive areas.
  • Protective Cap: Protects filaments to ensure optimal hygiene.

Did you know?

Cleaning between the teeth is an essential part of your daily oral hygiene regime. It is particularly important if you have braces as you will also need to remove food debris and plaque from around brackets. The Interprox range has been designed to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.