What is SECURE?

SECURE is manufactured in Austria by Fittydent and offers a superior quality denture adhesive range, improving the life of denture wearers. SECURE has been clinically proven to be the most effective denture retention solution available. Developed for patients with denture retention problems and designed for the more problematic lower dentures as well as the uppers.

Dentures or false teeth are a cost effective solution for patients who have full or partial tooth loss. A good fitting, comfortable denture will significantly enhance a patient’s confidence and allow them to eat and speak normally. Conventional denture fixatives are activated by saliva and work by creating suction between denture and gum. Being soluble these fixatives dissolve and lose their effectiveness within a short space of time.

SECURE has a unique adhesive formulation that:

  • Is non-water soluble
  • Creates a secure bond between gum and denture
  • Full day hold
  • Effectiveness is not diminished by drink and saliva
  • Taste free
  • Zinc free

SECURE Website

Our SECURE Website is coming soon with further information on the product range available.