It is essential for parents to install good oral health during childhood to safely ensure the removal of dental biofilm. The build-up of dental biofilm can cause the onset of the two most common oral diseases in children: tooth decay and gingivitis.

Tooth decay (caries) is the main cause of tooth loss in children. It involves localised destruction of hard dental tissues as a consequence of the acids produced by bacteria in the biofilm when these metabolise carbohydrates in the diet. When this process is repeated constantly over time, cavitation occurs. Initially, localised destruction of the enamel takes place and, once it reaches the dentin, it extends, potentially affecting the pulp.

Gingivitis is mainly produced by the accumulation of biofilm, or bacterial plaque, in the margin between the gum and the tooth, especially in the interdental space. This build-up of biofilm induces a local inflammatory response with redness and bleeding of the gums, the principal signs of gingivitis.

Thus, children should be visiting their dentist at least once a year in order to detect incipient carious lesions, established caries that require treatment and the need to apply pit and fissure sealants in areas with high risk of decay.

Why Use VITIS?

VITIS offers you the care that every age needs and has been proven to effectively prevent caries throughout childhood. The range has been developed to help children acquire daily hygiene habits and to make brushing a pleasant experience. It is the perfect range to protect children’s gums and teeth.

During the first 12 years of life, the oral cavity undergoes great changes. Each age needs specific care to respond to these changes and ensure the correct development of the oral cavity.

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